Man Eats Fish

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Man Eats Fish

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How To Play

Every day you have the opportunity to go out and fish. You take your boat out, fish (on the spots marked with little fish icons), and bring your fish back home. You make money by selling the fish you have caught in your fish & chip shop. You must return home from fishing by 5pm if you wish to open your shop that day.

After you are done fishing, you have the opportunity to look at the fish you caught and decide what you want to do with them. To sell fish in your shop, move it to your shop tank. You can store fish in a storage tank, and breed fish in a romance tank. Any fish left in your boat overnight will go bad and be thrown out.

When you open your shop in the evening, customers will come and buy fish & chips. They will pay a price that is determined by the kind of fish they are buying. After a customer has eaten, there is a chance he or she will write you a review. The score of the review will be based on how tasty the customer thought the fish was. Each fish has 3 tastiness stats, and each customer has a different taste. One customer that eats a fish with tastiness stats of (1, 9, 1) may love it, and another customer may hate it. A third customer may give it an average score. The number of customers that come to your shop every night is determined by your average review score.

You can upgrade your boat, which makes it faster, able to hold more fish, and able to fish in deeper waters. There are 4 water levels indicated by incrementally darker textures. Each boat upgrade enables you to fish in one level of deeper water than you could before.

By moving your fish to the romance tank, there is a chance every day that they will breed (assuming there are two or more fish of the same species in the tank). When fish breeds, they produce an offspring that has a size and tastiness similar to its parent's. Therefore, if you breed two fish with high tastiness you will produce more tasty offspring and can even improve on the stats of the parent fish.

There is no audio and no save/load system, sorry :(